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Our Human Resource
At Nandini Impex, we believe that human resource is the most important resource.

Since inception the Company's emphasis has been on building a strong professional management team. We have built up an efficient team of 350 employess.

Manpower for HDD Manpower for Oil and Gas Pipelines Administration
12 Qualified Engineers 1 General Manager
2 Project Managers
Our Field and Operation staff is backed by a team of senior professionals, who are assisted by qualified Accountants, Materials and Secretarial Staff.
22 Site Engineers 6 Engineers
44 Experienced HDD
Machine Operators
35 Welders, Fitters, Grinders and Technicians
10 Mainteenance Engineers The site teams are supported by a substantial number of experienced and skilled workers.
A Large number of skilled and unskilled workers back the site teams  
  HEALTH, SAFETY and ENVIRONMENT issues are taken care of by our trained and dedicated engineers.